Christian Tours

Only in Israel can you walk, quite literally, where Jesus walked: from Caesarea Philippi at the foot of Mount Hermon, over the rolling hills of the Galilee to Nazareth: from the Mount of Beatitudes to His own town, Capernaum: meandering with the Jordan River from the Sea of Galilee to Jericho: from His Birth in Bethlehem to His Passion in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
Photo: The Upper Room © 2005 Matthew Gamble
Not all Christians however seek the same experience. Some evangelical Christians do not like to enter churches at all - Jesus, after all, did not pray in a church. Catholic groups on tour, have Mass in a different church each day. Most Protestants (and all Latter Day Saints) prefer the Garden Tomb to the Holy Sepulcher. And there are a variety of other shades, from Seventh Day Adventists to Christadelphians; from Greek Orthodox to Unitarians. An experienced guide like Jeff Abel, aware of different backgrounds and expectations, is sensitive to the needs of his tourists.

Photo: Garden of Gethsemane © 2005 Matthew Gamble

And here in Israel, all can follow in His footsteps, from the Annunciation in Nazareth to His Ascension on the Mount of Olives. Here you can walk the very streets He walked; you can stand on the very steps where He taught.









Photo: Armenian Chapel in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher © 2006 Michael Willems