Group Tours

A visit to Israel on a group tour can offer a life-changing experience.

Bus driver Ovad and Jeff. Photo © Stephen Marshall


The ambience is different from a private trip. A group sits on a luxury bus driven by a bus-driver, while Jeff keeps the group informed and entertained. There is less flexibility regarding the itinerary and less intimate discussion. But there can be a shared experience that a small, private tour cannot offer.



David Crandall's group, guide and driver; April 2006      

Groups usually come with a leader, lay or spiritual. An experienced guide like Jeff understands that the leader, who knows his fellow travellers, congregants or parishioners, should be closely involved in the day-to-day running of the trip. Such cooperation enhances the trip for all and adds a meaningful group experience that lends a special dimension to each individual experience.

A good guide understands these scenarios and takes them into account.

Jeff Abel, with his people skills and experience, knows how to maximize the benefits for the group as a whole and each participant individually.

Jeff Abel does not get the group together; nor does he run regular group tours which individuals can come and join. He does help a group of people that wish to travel together set an itinerary that will be suitable for the group, and if they wish, he helps with the accompanying arrangements.